George Stamate

Director, Residential and Infrastructure Department, ARABESQUE

DEVO Master Partner

"Arabesque salutes the initiative of DEVO organizers to reunite for the first time in Romania the biggest developers from domestic and international markets. As Master Partner and from the position of the biggest supplier of integrated solutions for the construction market in Romania we present our support in organising this event. With this occasion we rally with both our expertise and services to the biggest developers in the country. Arabesque, the biggest distributor of building and finishing materials in Romania, continuously innovates and develops the services offered to their customers. And so, with one single contact to a designated person, the strict control of investments costs is assured through: competitive supply; permanent stocks; delivery in time on the site on any stage of the project anywhere in Romania; online/ gps tracking of orders/ deliveries; technical advice; suggestion/ confirmation of solutions, technologies, proper materials; certification and quality reference materials backup; other services such as: processing and shaping cases for structures and foundations, crane trucks for brick pallets delivery, specific trucks for specific areas, mixing plasters services, woodboards cutting services etc. Romanian company founded in 1994 operates in the industrial area, Arabesque is a presence in the region of Moldova, Ukraine and Bulgaria. Arabesque holds 37 branches, 22 only in Romania. The Romanian team counts over 3200 people and the logistic force is assured of over 1000 specific trucks."


Remon Vos


DEVO Partner

"Metropolitan logistics is a key factor in urban sustainability, with efficient distribution of goods providing a vital function to any large municipality. In recent years, the trend has become a requirement for modern cities to establish large, modern logistics and distribution parks concentrated in close proximity in order to reduce supply chain costs. CTP is in continuous evolution - adopting the latest and most advanced technologies. This is how we succeed in improving our buildings' longevity, offer the highest degree of energy efficiency and decrease maintenance costs. We are constantly developing new facilities for our tenants and their employees working on site. For example, by March 2019, CTPark Bucharest West, the park with the most accelerated rate of expansion in Romania, will offer modern retail facilities including a medical point, employee accommodation, gas station, sports and leisure areas, centralized transportation services and a restaurant more in the second half of the year.“


Adrian Garofeanu

Commercial Director, Knauf Insulation

DEVO Partner

"Our positioning, both globally and locally, allows us to offer the best thermal insulation solutions to our clients and to be a service provider and a strategic partner at the same time."


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